Fishing In Oregon

Fishing In Oregon
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Eleventh Edition OUT OF PRINT - Twelfth Edition Available Fall, 2018

"Darn near tells you what rock to stand on and when to stand on it. My second copy. Great for fly or traditional gear fisherman." - John Dougher of Portland, Oregon

Fishing in Oregon is an "excellent resource for every skill level of Oregon anglers. I have bought every revision of this book since the seventh. Why? The updated information it provides can be priceless. This fishing bible is not limited simply to what fish are biting and where. You'll find this reference book filled with random tips on what species are most common in different areas of your destination, what to catch them with throughout different seasons, if payment is required to park at certain places, accessible roadside parking, new changes to laws in the areas, where private property may border waterways, the latest state records and individualized tips to help you venture forth and catch your next trophy or meal. The information is endless and the maps are very useful as they show docks, roads, trails, put-ins and take-outs. Coming from an Oregon native and avid fisherman, this book is well worth its weight in gold. One thing to keep in mind is the information in this book is not designed for fly anglers seeking information on hatches and casting techniques. It is a general resource to help you plan for your next trip sufficiently and what to expect when you get there." - S. Derekson of Western Oregon

With details on more than 1300 Oregon lakes, bays, and streams, Fishing in Oregon is the premier Oregon fishing guide. Also included are over 100 detailed maps for Oregon's most important fisheries.

Nehalem River Map